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Designing, implementing and supervising ICT environment for credit cards completed with a certificate of compliance with the PCI DSS.
Design and oversee the building of the Data Center, setting standards, suppliers etc.
Launching redundant Data Center, shaping the development of the IT services enabling continuous provision of infrastructure.
Implementation IaaS approach to ICT infrastructure in the organization, also supervision of implementing automation and provisioning project.
Build a system of SLAs covering IT services and settlement of the quality of work for internal and external clients. The system is used to reward teams.
Implementing and supervising Agile aproach methodology in the ICT department.
The creation and encourage organization to benefit from consistent standards for communication between departments on the need to inform about the deployments, failures and other.
Designing and implementing a monitoring system for the needs of IT services, taking into account the appropriate escalation chain.
Request Tracker system implementation within the ICT department in the organization, taking into account the quality of internal customer service and promote solutions within the organization and to extend to the entire organization.

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    Blue Media S.A. Director ICT Sopot, Pomeranian District

    Reporting to Board Members.
    Shaping the ICT evolution strategy in the organization, supervision and development.
    Help with development of a portfolio of services (in close cooperation with Business, corresponding to their needs).
    Establishing technical standards to ensure adequate security, availability and quality of ICT services (including financial sector, ePayment, mPayments).
    Shaping platforms, partnerships and relationships with technology partners
    Overseeing IT projects carried out for internal customers (budgets, schedules, risk analysis etc.).
    Creating and supervision of ICT services architecture solutions.
    Organization of the current work of the team (resource planning, efficient use).
    Process optimization for the implementation of the ICT division tasks with cooperation with Business.
    Care for the development of employees with respect to their potential.

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